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The Ports we are represented today are Odessa Commercial Sea Port, Illichevsk, Mariupol and Yuzhny Commercial Sea Ports.
SHIPs SUPPLY we offer:

1. Provision/catering.
2. Bonded stores (alcohol and cigarettes).
3. Laundry service.
4. Nautical supplies - IMO symbols, flags, charts and publications.
5. Main engine, auxiliary, compressors and pumps repairs.
6. Pipe system and firefighting systems repairs.
7. Hull works.
8. Lifesaving appliances survey and maintenance.
9. Inspection and maintenance of hydrostatic releases, lifejackets, immersion suits etc.
10. Inspections and maintenance of firefighting equipment.
11. Lub oil and Chemicals.
12. Yacht equipment.
13. Fresh water supply.
14. F/O and D/O bunkering.


Odessa, Illichevsk, Yuzhny, Reni, Nikolaev, Dnepro-Bugskiy and Mariupol Ports.

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